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Senior Housing

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When Resident Retention is What Matters, 

Choose the BEST Option...


LifeStyle Options has provided health care assistance and support services to senior housing communities since 1989. Not only do we have a staff of carefully screened, selected and trained employees, but LifeStyle Options has been rated in the top 5% customer satisfaction for over a decade. Check out our reviews on YelpCaring.com and BBB. We attribute this success to our exceptional staff, who are guided by our strong mission, which has remained unchanged for over 30 years:


“LifeStyle Options’ mission is to provide reliable service of the highest 
quality that encourages adults to be as independent as possible 
and to live at home with dignity, comfort and security.”


 Resident Retention 

Happy Residents.jpgAt LifeStyle Options, we understand how important resident retention is to your community, and we have the experience, resources, and services to help you retain your residents longer. We accomplish this through completely customized individual care planning, efficient operations using a Case Management Wellness model, complimentary home visits, and on-site concierge services. In fact, we offer a full range of on-site facility services designed to enhance and extend your core capabilities. 

Our retirement community partners enjoy a wide array of benefits, which include: a 24/7 helpline, flexible monthly service packages & CARE calls, new resident welcome gift, and the ability to grow their staffing where and when they need it. Most importantly, we can provide your residents with access to a large pool of well-trained, experienced caregivers, ensuring they receive the level of care and support they need to remain as independent as possible. 


Did you know that LifeStyle Options offers resident presentations to Chicago area retirement community at no cost. From exploring treatment decisions to challenging agemism, presentations contain valuable information older adults want to hear.

 Schedule a Resident Presentation


 Retirement Community Caregiver.pngSpecialized Training

Our caregivers are given 20 hours of specialized training in:

 • Dementia Caregiving

 • Personal Care

 • Transferring / Assistive Devices

 • Safety and First Aid

 • Meal Preparation

 • Communication

 • Nutrition

 • Universal Precautions

  and many other topics...



Contact Us

LifeStyle Options offers a seamless transition that integrates into your workflow through careful planning we...

• Review current operations & obtain senior management agreement on new proposed program

• Develop detailed checklist for implementation

• Identify and train staff

• Send letter introducing new program to all partners

• Meet with residents and families through town hall meetings and individual care conferences

• Send “Welcome” kit including coupon for free service

• Implement CARE calls immediately

• Arrange for monthly meetings with resident services directors