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Caring At Home

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Imagine this scenario: It’s a Tuesday morning, and you or your loved one are in the hospital. The doctors and nurses are closely monitoring vitals, administering the appropriate medication and care, and managing your dietary needs. Then you’re discharged. Suddenly back at home you are expected to manage on your own, follow a complicated care plan, prepare meals, and keep up with routine household chores, all while still recovering from injury or illness.

It’s during this critical time when problems can occur. Older adults run the risk of getting sicker if they don’t have access to medication, transportation, food or vital equipment. And many don’t have relatives or caregivers to help with the daily tasks that they were able to perform unassisted before being hospitalized.

Even if you or your loved one are fortunate enough to have assistance, family members and caregivers may be required to perform medical tasks that make most first-year nurses nervous.

Experts agree, more needs to be done.

LifeStyle Options is pleased to offer our Caring At Home program, a no obligation service that provides you or your loved one with the support and resources needed during the transition from hospital to home.

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Offered at an affordable, packaged rate, Caring At Home includes:


Nursing Visit & Assessment:  Your personal nurse will come to your home as you’re discharged. He or she will perform an in-home assessment and review your plan of care to ensure all your doctor’s recommendations are met. Then they will train the caregiver to your specific needs.



eCaring Telehealth Tablet: Tablets are customizable per patient & diagnosis to track and monitor care. This close monitoring can help avoid readmissions. It also includes a Family Portal so family members can check in online.


Caregiving Services: A specially trained caregiver will come to your home for 8 hours a day for 5 days. The caregiver will help with medications, meals, personal care - whatever you need. The conclusion of this package of services includes a final assessment and recommendations. You will also have access to a Case Manager 24-hours a day, 7 days a week.


Affordable Package Rate: Caring at Home is an affordable, short term, no obligation way to get the help you need to successfully transition from the hospital back home. All services are included in an affordable package rate.

With Caring At Home, older adults enjoy more successful recovery outcomes during their transition home.


Here’s what some of our clients have to say:

 “I don’t know what I would have done without your help! I’ve never emptied a catheter bag or taken a blood pressure!  I was so scared; I can’t thank you enough for helping us out!"

- Mary M.


Thank you for being there when I couldn’t be. There’s no way mom would have been able to manage initially on her own. Now she’s back to her regular routine and feeling much better.  We couldn’t have managed without these services.”  

- Ron B.


You don't have to do it alone. 

Let LifeStyle Options help you transition back home - safely, securely, affordably