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Customized Care: How Home Care Looks Different for Everyone

Cusomized Home Care

Imagine two people visit St. Thomas. They take the same flight and stay at the same resort, but their vacation experiences look very different. One chooses to embark on several excursions, go snorkeling, and dine at local restaurants. While the other is content to read poolside, get pampered at the spa, and order room service. They both visited St. Thomas, but they enjoyed vacation experiences tailored to their personal preferences.

The same can be said for home care. Because like vacations, home care services aren’t one size fits all. Everyone has different needs, preferences, support networks, and levels of independence. Customized care is how we meet our clients exactly where they’re at with tailored care.

But how might home care look different for everyone? What can you expect from customized home care services? Let’s take a look at three fictional clients, and how their care might be customized to meet their needs…

Client: Eva, 64

Background: Eva lives alone in a retirement community. Her daughters live out-of-state, but try to visit when they are able. Eva is very social. She meets regularly with friends, and attends community functions, but she prefers to stick close to home. She takes a number of prescriptions to manage a chronic condition and gets nervous driving in traffic and navigating unfamiliar areas.

Schedule: 4 hours / 1-day per week (plus Med Setup)

Care: A nurse comes once a month to setup Eva’s prescription in a pill planner. Eva sets an alarm and remembers to take her pills daily. Eva’s caregiver comes once a week, and provides transportation and assistance with grocery shopping. The caregiver helps Ava bring groceries inside and get them put away. She also helps Eva make the bed with fresh linens, and does some picking up around the apartment. When her daughters are unavailable, the caregiver drives Eva to her monthly doctor’s appointment.


Client: Joseph, 78

Background: Joseph is a widower who lives alone in a house. Joseph has been lonely since his wife passed, and he adopted a dog 3 years ago to keep him company. The dog is very high energy, and Joseph fell several months ago while they were on a walk. He has since recovered, but is uncomfortable walking the dog on leash. He enjoys cooking, but occasionally gets confused and needs assistance. Joseph’s son comes to stay with him on the weekends, and helps with the yardwork and errands.

Schedule: 4 hours / Monday-Friday

Care: The caregiver arrives just after lunch time, and joins Joseph and his dog on a walk, taking the leash so Joseph can remain steady on his feet. When they return, the caregiver puts in a load of laundry, washes the dishes in the sink, and cleans up around the house. They usually play a couple games of Gin Rummy or work on a puzzle before cooking dinner together. The caregiver feeds the dog, finishes drying and folding laundry and reminds Joseph to take his meds before leaving for the night.



Client: Sophie, 74 & Ivan, 75

Background: Sophie and Ivan have been married for over 50 years. Sophie was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s 4 years. Her progression was slow until recently. She now has issues with occasional incontinence and has begun to wander if left unsupervised. Ivan is an avid golfer and is very active at his local VFW, so isn’t always home. He struggles with wanting to preserve his wife’s independence, but feels overwhelmed with her increasing care needs.

Schedule: 8 hours / 7 days a week

Care: The caregiver arrives every day at 8am. She assists Sophie with her shower and gets her dressed before making her breakfast. The caregiver sets up some activities for Sophie (coloring, puzzles, etc.) while she vacuums and cleans up around the house. The caregiver prepares lunch, and assists Sophie with toileting. In the afternoon, they take a walk in the park, spend time sitting outside, explore the local art museum, or the caregiver will help Sophie FaceTime with her grandchildren. When Sophie becomes confused or agitated, the caregiver reassures and redirects her. She preps dinner before leaving for the evening.

How can we help?

It’s a simple question on the surface, but look a little closer and you’ll see the key to the care we provide. No two client schedules look the same because no two clients are exactly alike. We are here to evaluate your needs and goals and provide you with the supportive services that help you stay independent at home. As your needs evolve, so can our services. If you have home care challenges, we have solutions!


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