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milk-juice-carton-bird-feeder-diy-1Spring offers an excellent opportunity for bird watching. So, if you're client enjoys catching a glimpse of robins, cardinals, and other local birds, why not help them create their own bird feeder! This craft is simple, easy, and your client probably already has the supplies you need around the house!


Milk or Juice Carton

Craft Knife or Scissors

String or yarn

Pen or marker

Wooden chopstick (optional)

Paint for decorating your feeder (optional)




  1. Using a pen, outline the shape you want to cut for the opening
  2. Use your craft knife or scissors to carefully cut out the opening
  3. Have your client paint or decorate the feeder
  4. Cut a small opening for the chopstick and insert it into the feeder
  5. Make a hole at the top for your string, and feed the string through and tie into a loop
  6. Hang the feeder outside and fill with birdseed
  7. Enjoy!

See step by step, photos here




Posted on May 1, 2018 12:55:49 PM by LifeStyle Options in Activities, in Word Search

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