Do You Know Who Owns that Private Duty Home Care Company?

Let me introduce myself.  My name is Molly and I am a registered nurse.  I’ve been in health care for over 30 years.  I have extensive clinical and administrative experience and I have owned and operated LifeStyle Options Home Health Services since 1989.

Last month, I upgraded my cell phone.  The young man who sold it to me asked, “What does LifeStyle Options do?”.  When I told him we provide home care, he said “Oh, my mom just started a company like that.  She used to sell new construction but that industry’s come to a stop.”  I asked, “Has your mom ever been in private duty home care health before?”.   “Oh, no.” he informed me, “but she knows private duty home care is a growth field.  Besides, how hard can it be?”   

I have experiences like this 3-4 times a month now.  In April, for example, I met a man who used to manage an auto dealership.  He recently started a private duty home care company.  I’ve met accountants, mail delivery men, mechanics and shoe salesmen – all of whom think they can run a private duty home care company. A middle-aged man I recently met just bought a private duty home care franchise.  “It was either a private duty home care or Dairy Queen franchise.”  he informed me. 

I realize our economic times are turbulent.  But as an informed consumer and a professional referral source, do you really want your parent or patient to be receiving private duty home care from an auto mechanic?  Would you trust a new construction sales person to manage your parent’s medication regime?  Do you think a telephone repair person is qualified to put together the Plan of Care necessary for your parent’s well-being?

Aging is a complicated process.  Providing excellent, reliable home care is not easy; it certainly requires more than “over the counter” knowledge.  Professional education, training and expertise is required in order to provide appropriate care and to keep an older adult independent, safe and secure.
My message?  Be cautious; be careful; be wary.  If you or someone you know needs home care, ask, “How long have you been in business?”   Ask “Who owns/operates your agency?”  The answers may surprise you.

LifeStyle Options, Inc. is a one of the oldest and largest private duty home care services companies in IL.  The Schaumburg-based company places hourly or live-in caregivers and nurses that help adults stay independent at home safely and securely as long as possible.  The company also offers custom designed on-site senior housing programs and provides health care facility staffing.  LifeStyle Options, Inc. services Chicago and suburban areas as well as Rockford and Champaign, IL.