Training and CEUs

As part of our philosophy of giving back to the community, LifeStyle Options provide FREE training that can be applied to the CE (Continuing Education) requirement. We are a registered sponsor with the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation  (IDFPR). We provide many diverse courses, custom-tailored to your organization. Here is a sample of the courses we provide with their corresponding CEU credits:

For Private Duty 

How to make a Safe and Secure Home Care Referral 2.0 CEU 

  1. Learn how best to determine the level of home care most appropriate for your chronically ill patient. 
  2. Discharge Planning and what to do with your patient after hospitalization. 

Working with Hospitals to Reduce Readmissions 2.0 CEU 

  1. Working with the Discharge Team and how home care can help.
  2. Using technology as a way to reduce your hospital readmission rate 

Using Home Care Vendors to Make Your Job Easier 2.0 CEU 

  1. Learn new techniques for turning “lemons into lemonade” by tapping into resources you never knew existed. 
  2. What can we do for you? We are here to help in your very hectic days.

For Senior Housing  

Energy Healing 2.0 CEU 

  1. A healing practice that is specifically aimed to balance and restore the human energy field in and around the body. 
  2. To remove blockages and disperse any stagnation in the human energy field through the meridian and chakras systems.

Aging in America 2.0 CEU 

  1. Trends in the diseases that effect housing, care giving and quality of care. 
  2. What does the future hold as we age in America? 

Learning To Speak Dementia 2.0 CEU 

  1. Learn what Dementia is and the different causes of Dementia 
  2. Learn what happens to the brain when dealing with a Dementia diagnosis 
  3. Discover simple techniques that everyone can use to make the lives of people with Dementia better

If you would like us to come into your organization to provide training for your employees, contact us now. We will get to know your organization and provide recommendations on different types of training that is customized to your organization's needs.